debugging ssh trust problem trick

Say, you are trying to establish trust between
sourceaccount@sourceserver –> destinationaccount@destinationserver.

So you added the contents of the sourceserver:/home/sourceaccount/.ssh/ key file to destinationserver:/home/destinationaccount/.ssh/authorized_keys file and yet you are unable to ssh from the source server to the destination server. Firstly, ensure the destinationaccount is not locked out. Then, to find out if there’s a permission problem on the source side add sourceserver:/home/sourceaccount/.ssh/ to sourceserver:/home/sourceaccount/.ssh/authorized_keys file. Now, you are logged in as sourceacount on the sourceserver; try ssh sourceaccount@sourceserver — you are ssh’ing to the same account on the same server you are logged into. If this passes you know the problem is not with the source side. Likewise, add destinationserver:/home/destinationaccount/.ssh/ to destinationserver:/home/destinationaccount/.ssh/authorized_keys. Log onto destinationaccount on destinationserver; then try ssh destinationaccount@destinationserver. If this works you know the problem is not with the destination side.

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