time of emails on iphone and ipad

One aspect of the email on my iphone and ipad that I don’t like is after midnight the emails prior to that do not show up with the time of the email arrival but instead show up as ‘yesterday’. So, say, at 12:02 am the email from 11:59 pm shows up as ‘yesterday’ even though the email arrived about 3 minutes ago. It is rather inconvenient. It would have been better to show up ‘yesterday’ for emails that arrived before 24 hours from the current time; and the exact time for the ones that arrived after in the last 24 hours. When you are checking your email at 10:00 am and you noticed an email with a time of 3:00 pm it doesn’t exactly cause confusion; you instinctly know it is from yesterday’s 3:00pm. The ipad is at version 4.3; and the iphone is at version 4.3.3. I really hope Apple fixes this in iOS 5 which is being released this fall.

I mentioned this in the context of a question about product design/user experience while I was being interviewed for a product manager position.

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